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Andrzej Chyra


Born on August 27, 1964 in Gryfów Śląski, Poland. He studied acting and directing at The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw and gained his diplomas in 1987 and 1994 respectively. He made his stage debut in his student years in Tadeusz Łomnicki’s play "Stracone zachodu miłości” (“Love’s Labour Lost”) and has mostly performed in Warsaw theaters.

He was a member of the Teatr Rozmaitości team in the years 2000-2007 and that’s where he first collaborated with Krzysztof Warlikowski taking on the role of Dionysus in the director’s “Bachantki” (“The Bacchantes”). Chyra made his directorial debut with the play "Z dziejów alkoholizmu w Polsce” (“The History of Alcoholism in Poland”) in 1994. He has played in a multitude of Polish Television Theater and Polish Radio Theater roles and in 2007 received the Zelwerowicz Acting Award for his portrayal of Roy M. Cohn in Tony Kusher’s "Angels in America" directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski in the TR in Warsaw. He has been a part of the Nowy Teatr team since 2008.

Chyra’s first onscreen performance was in 1993 in Radosław Piwowarski’s film "Kolejność uczuć” (“Order of Affection”). He gained popularity and critical acclaim for playing Gerard Nowak in in Krzysztof Krauze’s film "Dług” (“The Debt”), a role that won him the Best Actor Award at the Gdynia Film Festival and the Eagle Polish Film Award. Success followed with the films "Kallafiorr” (“Caulliflowerr”), "Komornik” (“The Collector”) and "Wszyscy jesteśmy Chrystusami” (“We’re All Christs”). Chyra appears in many non-Polish films and has collaborated in screenwriting and film directing.