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Read Don't Wait. Controversies About Books. Series of Meetings with Sylwia Chutnik


Świetlica Nowego Teatru, Madalińskiego 10/16

14.06 godz.19:00

In spite of statistics talking about steeply declining readership in Poland, Sylwia Chutnik invites us to explore and talk about literature. She will discuss new books and talk about her own literary fascinations.

Sylwia Chutnik – writer and publicist, engaged in the promotion of reading, co-author of the program Barłóg Literacki (Literary Burrow), social activist. Graduate of Culture Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Warsaw. Author of novels and short stories. Nominated for the Nike Award in 2009, 2012 and 2015. Awarded the Polityka Passport in 2008.

22.09 / 19.00
A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
What is it that’s so compelling about the stories of four friends? Is it New York, or perhaps the odd relationships between guys? Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life is as lengthy as Krystian Lupa’s plays, yet it’s been on the bestseller list for several months. Could it be people’s masochistic drive to read about trauma that accounts for the worldwide popularity of the book?

20.10 / 19.00
The Doll By Bolesław Prus
We’ll pull out dusty volumes from the murky depths of our high-school closet and re-read the through and through Varsovian story of Stanisław and Izabella, i.e. Bolesław Prus’s The Doll. On capitalism and poverty; on the love of an old salesman and losing oneself in emotions. Did Prus have what it takes to write the ideal novel?

17.11 / 19.00
13 Floors By Filip Springer
What is it that makes us love reportage? Or the interwar period, for that matter? What do we know about the secret housing market in Warsaw? Those repaying their mortgages in Swiss francs should probably be present at this discussion of Filip Springer’s 13 Floors. We’ll hold hands and talk about the straits that our dream little homes sometimes land us in.

15.12 / 19.00
Dabogda te majka rodila by Vedrana Rudan
Have we made sure seniors have their proper place in society? How do we treat old people’s homes?Vedrana Rudan is known in Poland for novels like Uho, grlo, nož. In her most recent novel she grapples with ambivalent feelings towards her mother. This is prose written with largesse and a sense of humour, touching on painful relations with parents.

19.01 / 19.00
The Man with White Eyes by Leopold Tyrmand
Tyrmand’s monumental novel is a love song to Warsaw and a crime love story full of delicious details from the 1950s. We will reflect on how to write about the city and whether a protagonist like Zły would still be viable today.

16.02 / 19.00
The Worst Man in the World by Małgorzata Halber
One the most talked about books of 2015 in Poland. A shocking portrait of a young woman coping with addiction and loneliness. Do we like “problematic” novels, or does sadness have the power to unite?

16.03 / 19.00
The Cauliflower by Małgorzata Musierowicz
An excellent opportunity to review all of Musierowicz’s Jeżyce saga. The novel every girl grew up with, consolation for aching hearts. By reading youth literature as adults we experience sentimental longing, remembering ourselves and our dreams from years back. Let’s talk about what they were like and see whether we still have the patience to revisit the idealised world of the Borejko family.

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