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Summer Camp



July 14-28, 2019


The leitmotiv of the "summer camp" will be the concept of "identification" (Latin idem - same).
Identification is one of the mechanisms of socialization, based on the acceptance or permanent internalization of the values, norms, and behaviour patterns of other individuals or social groups. It plays a fundamental role in the development of personality, morality, and individual identity .
Participants of the Academy will practice, explore the city, discuss, conduct research, and learn from one another. We will start with the concept of “identification” and the need for a sense of identity. Do we have such a need in today's cosmopolitan times? And if so, what for? Does identification broaden or narrow our horizons? Does it help us grow or does it limit us and smother our selfhood? How does individual identification as the creation of oneself shape our future? Can we simultaneously be ourselves while identifying with someone/a group or a phenomenon? Identification with the place/city we live in and function is a defence against exclusion, an attempt to assimilate and to develop social skills. It fulfills the need to belong to a group, a collective. At the same time, it can be oppressive, excluding, and enforce adaptation to new conditions. It can be used to establish someone's identity, to recognize someone or something on the basis of some features. The combination of two words: Identity vs Identification, makes the issue even more intense. While identity is who you are, differentiating an individual from others of the same kind, selfhood or identification is the act of identifying with something, opting to be the same.

Curators: Maria Wilska & Joanna Nuckowska

DEVISING THEATRE / COMMUNITY THEATRE by Sodja Zupanc Lotker & Wojciech Ziemilski
Adele Dittrich Frydetzki (GERMANY)
Biatrice Cozmolici (RUMUNIA)
Grażyna Olszewska (POLAND)
Johanna Karlsson (SWEDEN)
Linda Rudene (LATVIA)
Magdalena Žiaková (SLOVAKIA)
Michał Salwiński (POLSKA)
Modesta Jakeliūnaitė (LITHUANIA)
Nadir Sonmez (TURKEY)
Nikolett Gabri (HUNGARY)
Vera Popova (UKRAINE)
Piotr Pacześniak (POLAND)

VISUAL ARTS / SOCIAL JUSTICE by Joanna Rajkowska & Jean Michel Bruyere
Bushra Abassi (PALESTYNA)
Calin Dragos (ROMANIA)
Cristina Ferreira (POLAND)
Egle Svedkauskaite (LITHUANIA)
Kacper Szalecki (POLAND)
Klara Szafrańska (UK)
Kristina Haviarová (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Małgorzata Wrzosek (POLAND)
Mauricio Barcellos (BRAZIL)
Lucia Carmona (AUSTRIA)
Boaheng Yu (CHINA)
Hassan Ghasedi (IRAN)

MOVEMENT by Marta Ziółek & Nora Chipaumire
Andre Fonseca (UK)
Ewelina Pankowska (POLAND)
Gabriele Penčylaitė (LITHUANIA)
Lilah Yedidia (ISRAEL)
Linda Krumina (LATVIA)
Maciej Gośniowski (POLAND)
Maria Jorquera (CHILE)
Sofia Carcelades (CHILE)
Iga Świeciak (POLAND)
Mara Uzulina (LATVIA)
Joanna Wężyk (POLAND)


VISUAL ARTS & SOCIAL JUSTICE by Joanna Rajkowska & Jean Michel Bruyere
15 – 16.07 Warsaw Sensory/Memory Walk by Joanna Rajkowska
17- 26.07 workshops with Jean Michel Bruyere
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DEVISING THEATRE & COLLECTIVE CREATION by Sodja Zupanc Lotker & Wojtek Ziemilski
15-26.07 workshops with Sodja Zupanc Lotker and Wojtek Ziemilski
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MOVEMENT by Marta Ziółek & Nora Chipaumire
15-17.07 workshops with Marta Ziółek
18-26.07 workshops with Nora Chipaumire
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theatre performance by Anna Smolar
followed by a meeting with Anna Smolar and actors
team hosted by Piotr Gruszczyński

15.07 “SRBENKA” 20.00h | PL/EN
dir. Nebojša Slijepčević/ movie

16.07 PUNK 21.00h
performance by Nora Chipaumire

18.07 Afro Promo #1 King Lady & Nora 20.00 | EN
“Afro Promo #1 King Lady” by nora chipaumire
“Nora” directed by Alla Kovgan and David Hinton
followed by meeting with nora chipaumire

21.07 “Tour-reservoir” 19.00 | EN
Project LFKs & Jean-Michel Bruyere
proceded by the film and meeting with J.M. Bruyer hosted by Piotr Gruszczyński

24.07 Makeyourself 20.00h | EN/PL
Performance by Marta Ziółek

27.07 The Edible Map of Migration 18.00 | EN
Dinner with Jagna Jakubowska


Special Thanks to: Czech Center in Poland / Lithuanian Institute of Culture / Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania / Romanian Institute of Culture / Sabra Daici Embassy of Republic of Poland in Ankara 






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