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Rodrigo Garcia Versus

Rodrigo Garcia for the first time in Warsaw


Farat Film Studio, Notecka 22

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Rodrigo Garcia is a theatrical terrorist, author of performances, director and actor spent his childhood in slums of a district in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He worked as a seller in a greengrocer’s, a butcher, courier and journalist to finally give it all up and devote himself to the theatre. He moved to Madrid, then to countryside in Asturia. He had his performances in such places as Teatro Pradillo in Madrid, Theatre National de Bretagne, the Avignon Festival, the Venice Biennale as well as Festival d’Automne in Paris. He is a winner of the European Prize for New Theatrical Realities. He is called an author of texts that explode like a bomb.

He established “La Carniceria Teatro", whose name refers not only to a butchery run by his father (la carnicería in Spanish: butchery), but also to an attack on flesh and blood of contemporary society, which is the essence of his theatre. He refers to various sources: Quevedo, Beckett, Celine, Bernhard, Bunuel or Goya from the period of black paintings. He doesn’t stop on the theatre. He writes drawing inspiration from streets, where he grew up. He creates post-punk, radical and engaged theatre, negating mechanisms of capitalist economy. The theatre, which avoids nuances, hitting straight, attacking.

Garcia, discovered by European theatre at the beginning of this decade, for almost twenty years has been creating highly original theatre, focused on criticizing materialism, man’s alienation in the face of consumerist society. García neither comments nor makes claims, instead he shows the eradicating process through hyperbole and theatrical excesses. He created the theatre of confrontation, exposing the myth of the present.

Versus is a new and one of the best spectacles by Garcia (it is not about tormenting animals, which outraged the audience in Wrocław during the festival of the best spectacles in Europe). He produced it, when was asked for an artistic expression about war for independence. The spectacle is a series of pictures, scenes, situations, which refer to a fight for independence. It is a statement against enslaving people by banks, children, who start judging and keeping an eye on us, against life which becomes more and more absurd and demanding with every minute, prices of petrol and continuous oppression by television. In its essence, however, the spectacle is about the man’s individual fight for independence from opinions of the others, which they throw at us without a flinch.

Rodrigo Garcia is the author and director of among other things: Versus (2008), En algun momento de la vida deberías plantearte seriamente dejar de hacer el ridiculo (2007), Cruda, vuelta y vuelta, al punto, chamuscada (2007), Arrojad mis cenizas sobre Mickey (2006), Aproximación a la idea de la desconfianza (2006), Prefiero que me quite el sueno Goya a que lo haga cualquier hijo de puta (2004), Agamenon (2003), Rey Lear (2003), Jardineria Humana (2003), La historia de Ronald el payaso de McDonalds (2002), Compré una pala en IKEA para cavar mi tumba (2002), After Sun (2000), Borges (1999).

  • Concept & direction: Rodrigo Garcia
  • Cast: Patricia Alvarez, Ameilia Diaz, Ruben Escamilla, Juan Loriente Zamora, Nuria Lloansi Rotllan, Francisco David Pino Illanes, Daniel Romero, Victor Daniel Vallejo, Isabel Ojeda
  • Animation: Cristina Busto
  • Video: Ramon Diago
  • Music: Tape, Chiquita y Chatarra, David Pino, David Carpio
  • Production: Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales (SECC)
  • Co-production: Laboral Teatro, Gobierno del Principado de Asturias

Performance lasts about 120 min.

October 4th we invite you to the meeting with Rodrigo García.

Tickets: zł 40, 30.

Note! We provide a bus to transport spectators to street Notecka. The bus departs on the spectacle day at 6 p.m. from street Madalińskiego 10/16 and after the performance it returns stopping along the way near the Central Railway Station. If you want to go by bus please let us know at

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