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14.12 godz.20:00

Ramona Nagabczyńska’s solo focuses on the naturalness of the body, drawing on Tadeusz Kantor’s concept of Ur-matter. Ur-matter precedes illusion and can be described as the autonomous preexistence of the space of theatre itself. Ur-matter becomes the choreographer’s key to exploring the space of her own body. The question of whether this space is familiar or unknown is essentially a question about the original relationship of movement and the meaning of dance. The placement of the dancer’s body at the boundary between discursive culture and intuitive nature sheds a new light on the function and essence of dance. Corporeality is not a given, but requires re-examination. The context of Ur-matter reshuffles the bodily categories of madness, physiology, and sexuality. It also introduces the problem of fullness, and so
transcendence of the body. The solo pURe is a series subjected to re-composition, an attempt to determine whether primal nature still exists today and what it is.

Choreography, concept, performance: Ramona Nagabczyńska
Music Max Richter based on Four Seasons of Antonio Vivaldiego
Lighting design Ramona Nagabczyńska, Maciej Połynko
Production: Teatr Maat
Partner: Centrum w Ruchu
Curator of dance program Radical Proximity: Mateusz Szymanówka

Tickets: 35/25/20 PLN