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Orestes in Mosul. Milo Rau


23.06 godz.20:00

The Oresteia is one of mankind’s greatest tragedies and the myth of the foundation of civilisation, whereby the principle of the blood feud, the never-ending cycle of revenge, an eye for an eye, was replaced by the principles of justice, integration, and reconciliation. Milo Rau will stage this tragedy with a mixed ensemble of European and Iraqi actors. The process included research and activities in Mosul, where the Jihadi caliphate of ISIS was declared in 2014.

Milo Rau had the idea of staging a present-day version of Aeschylus’ Oresteia while he was conducting research for his other play in northern Iraq on the frontline facing ISIS. He retains the ancient grandeur of the tragedy but links it to present-day issues. How is it possible to stop the never-ending chain of violence in which the parties of the Syrian-Iraqi civil war and their Western allies find themselves? What can, what should be done in the wide field between colonialism and ignorance?

Direction: Milo Rau
Dramaturgy: Stefan Bläske
Cast: Duraid Abbas Ghaieb, Susana AbdulMajid, Elsie de Brauw, Risto Kübar, Johan Leysen, Bert Luppes, Marijke Pinoy

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