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Summer at Nowy Teatr

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13.07 godz.20:30
20.07 godz.20:00
25.07 godz.20:00
27.07 godz.20:00
3.08 godz.20:00
9.08 godz.20:00
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24.08 godz.20:30
26.08 godz.20:00

Every Friday
Square | admission free

13.07 | 20:30 | Mała orkiestra dancingowa
The orchestra, conducted by Noam Zylberberg, attempts to recreate the musical life of interwar cosmopolitan Warsaw, open to experimentation and absorbing external influences. Add some cabaret straight from Berlin and Paris, Austrian operetta, new American music, Latin dances or a closer audience – Polish, Jewish and Romani music. This multicultural ferment has contributed to the birth of a new unique style of Polish popular music. In just a decade, thousands of great songs have been created, most of which have since been forgotten.
Noam Zylberberg vocals, piano; Michał Górczyński clarinet, saxophone; Michał Robak clarinet; Maurycy Idzikowski trumpet; Filip Mazur trumpet; Dagna Sadkowska violin; Zofia Endzelm violin; Mikołaj Majkusiak accordion; Andrzej Izdebski guitar, banjo; Łukasz Owczynnikow double bass; Krzysztof Szmańda drums, vibraphone.
The concert will be accompanied by the premier of the album.

3.08 | 20:00 | Panowie z Twardej
The events of this DJ collective are old-fashioned dance parties. Zbyszek Draska and Marian Zapałka enchant with their stories, like the best dj’s of the glorious past. They offer the best of Polish stage and oldschool dance hits.

10.08 | 20:00 | Warsaw Dixielanders
The band plays traditional jazz standards from New Orleans and Chicago as well as Polish standards from the 1930s and 1940s. All participants, as well as fans of New Orleans jazz, will have the chance to listen to music in a best performance, and relive times when swinging dance halls were bursting at the seams.

Every Friday
Square | admission free

20.07 | 20:00 | Sorja Morja
The band, whose debut album Sorja was the revelation of 2017, was founded by Ewa Sadowska and Szymon Lechowicz, and recently joined by Małgorzata Penkalla from Enchanted Hunters.

27.07 | 20:00 | Bobby The Unicorn
A solo project by Darek Dąbrowski, who deliberately uses old and imperfect equipment, and records in a private home studio. His second album Syreni śpiew is a kind of nostalgia for the era of VHS and soundtracks of old video games.If you listen carefully to the sound of the water, you can hear mermaids singing.

24.08 | 20:30 | Żal
This electro-vocal-guitar duo was created in 2016 by vocalist and guitarist Jakub Buchner and keyboard and synth player Aleksander Żurowski. They play singalong songs heavily influenced by dance music. Their debut album Teodor was released in September 2017.


12.07 | 20:00 | Debashish Bhattacharya Trio & Special Guests: Wojtek Traczyk, Hubert Zemler
tickets 49/39 PLN
One of the most outstanding and critically acclaimed representatives of Hindu music, Debashish Bhattacharya is a master of Indian guitar. He has received many awards, for example BBC Planet Award 2005, Grammy nomination in 2009; and the Songlines Music Award Asia & South Pacific 2016.

9.08 | 20:00 | Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force
tickets: 69/59 PLN
This Senegalian-German band combines advanced electronica with traditional and modern music from West Africa. A 12-strong band is based in Berlin and Dakar. This intercontinental exchange results in truly original recordings, blending the German precision in electronic music editing and the exuberant pulse of the streets of Dakar.

14.08 | 20:00 | Marcin Masecki Recital
tickets 39/29 PLN
Marcin Masecki – pianist, composer, conductor, activist, and a Varsovian. Leader or member of many musical projects, Masecki is known for his virtuoso fusion of distinct genres and crossing the boundaries between highbrow and lowbrow music.

21.08 | 20:00 | Księżyc
tickets 39/29 PLN
The music of this band is best described by Mark Harwood from Penultimate Press: “The spirit of Księżyc captures early and late medieval music with a sound rooted in the Slavic tradition combined with elements of minimalism and vocal experiments of the 20th century. The alchemy of these constituent parts results in a breathtaking original music, both delicate and sinister. The surreal fairy tale inspired lyrics add to the inherent beauty, sadness and madness within”.

26.08 | 20:00 | Alameda 5
tickets 39/29 PLN
This band from Bydgoszcz and Toruń, plays psychedelic avant-rock. In its original combination of guitar rock, electronica, and trance rhythms, Alameda 5 is slowly getting towards cosmic funk, using elements of new wave, post-rock, and even prog-rock.


18, 19.08 | tickets 15 PLN / pass 30 PLN
TITLE: #totaleyeroll

The Instalakcje Festival has been specializing in the presentation of atypical musical forms not fitting the traditional concert music format. During the seventh edition of the festival you will see and hear fragments of the latest operas, instrumental pieces with elements of choreography, or artists building their own instruments.
In the program: Neo Hülcker, Stellan Veloce, Johannes Kreidler, Peter Ablinger, Ari Benjamin Meyers and Yiran Zhao.

6.07 | 21:30 | FOYER | admission free
TITLE: Kwartesencja in Nowy Teatr: In Silence
PERFORMERS: Royal String Quartet
Mantra. Meditation in silence. Repeated motifs of Fratres Arvo Pärta (1985), apparently treated purely constructivistically, building a bridge from contemporary music to the spiritual traditions of centuries passed. Miserere by Gregorio Allegri (1630s) – one of the most closely guarded treasures of the Sistine Chapel – is associated in this program with music by James MacMillan, strongly rooted in Roman Catholic tradition. His Memento (1994) refers to the Gaelic tradition of psalm singing practiced in the Hebrides. Navigations by Alvin Lucier (1991) is the less popular face of American minimalism, a meditation of sound. The whole is complemented by a miniature from Paweł Szymański (1992), from the cycle dedicated to the memory of Jerzy Stajuda where delicate strands are pierced by eighteenth-century string figures, echoes of the beginnings of the quartet genre.
Cofinanced by the City of Warsaw.