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This is a show about work. Some people work to earn money, some work to feel fulfilled, some people don’t work at all.
This remarkable debut performance work from UK artist and activist Katy Baird takes a brutally truthful look at her career of more than twenty years working within the service industry. From selling you drugs to super sizing your whopper meal, she feels she has done everything she can to make the public happy and fulfilled.
With unflinching humour and a radical performative style Katy questions how we value work as a society and paints a truthful portrait of the often-invisible service workers with whom we interact with everyday.
Chaotically stirring, loud and touchingly vulnerable this performance seeks to question how we value work and is a powerful and honest portrayal of the relationship between work, class and aspiration.

Responses to Workshy:
‘messy, anarchic and very funny’ – The Stage
‘Baird is a brilliant, clever and funny performer’. – Exeunt
‘A really great piece of theatrical social commentary’ – Vice
‘You can just imagine the Arts Council symposium. It’d be called “What If Live Art Falls Into The Wrong Hands?” and the main topic of discussion would be Katy Baird.’ – The Scotsman

Duration: 60 min

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