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Nowy Teatr, Madalińskiego 10/16

4-5.11.2016 godz.19:00

This theatre-for-the-ear is based on Thomas Bernhardt’s famous book Das Kalkwerk (The Lime Works). The story revolves around a failed attempt to compose the ultimate treatise on hearing, which the author considers to be the most philosophical of the senses. The metaphor of defeat becomes the narrative backbone of the book. The composition Kalkwerk/Studium on the other hand focuses on Studium – the treatise on hearing, a sense that escapes description and requires a literature-to-be-listened to. Listening to Bernhard is the only way to extract and expose his treatise on hearing. The performance will feature one of the most charismatic American vocalists and poets, Pete Simonelli, who will be accompanied by Hilary Jeffery, Ralf Meinz and Andrea Belfi.

Thomas Bernhard, "Das Kalkwerk", in: ders., Werke, Band 3 © Suhrkamp Verlag Frankfurt am Main 2004. Copyright © for English translation by Sophie Wilkins, University of Chicago Press, 1986

Libretto based on "The Lime Works" written by Thomas Bernhard translated by Sophie Wilkins

Concept, Libretto: Michał Libera
Puzon Trombone: Hilary Jeffery
Sound design: Ralf Meinz
Percussion: Andrea Belfi
Voice: Pete Simonelli
Light design: Karolina Gębska

Tickets: 10 zł

Financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage: