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Musical inprovisation workshops

A cycle of workshops for children 6+


02.12 godz.12:00

A cycle of workshops for children combined with concerts. The main theme will be musical improvisation. Playing with virtuosos of the modern improvisation scene, children will become not only listeners but also artists.
Dagna Sadkowska – violinist, soloist and chamber musician, member and co-founder of the Kwartludium contemporary music ensemble. She is an educator and author of the Musical Pictures cycle in Zachęta National Art Gallery and of the Internet Collection for Music Education. She originated the Dzika Klasyka and Mała Dzika Klasyka concert cycles, and has over twenty years of experience as a teacher.

9th September
Musical improv-city
Special guest Krzysztof Knittel
Will a collection of triads from Mr Darek’s greengrocer’s stall sound good when accompanied by rustling poplars? How many aliquots are there in one Warsaw subway car? You are invited to take part in big and small improvisations with a wealth of electronic sounds.
Krzysztof Knittel – composer, creator of electronic music, professor of musical arts, educator and curator of many valuable educational initiatives. Co-founder of many improvised music groups, including Grupa Kompozytorska KEW (KEW Composers' Group), Niezależne Studio Muzyki Elektroakustycznej (Independent Electroacoustic Music Studio), the European Improvisation Orchestra, “Kawalerowie Błotni” band. Composer and arranger of the Koncert jesienny performed by Magda Umer. Laureate of many awards and distinctions, including the Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis.

21st October
Improvised fairy tales
Special guest Jarosław Siwiński

All the mumbo-jumbo, lock-stock-and-barrel, Rapunzel’s hair and Cinderella sadness and joy can be improvised. Do you want to see for yourself? Long and short musical stories as improvised by children, on the piano and small percussive instruments. Yes! It is possible!
Jarosław Siwiński – composer and pianist. He has prepared many first performances of contemporary music pieces, including the Concerto for harpsichord (grandpiano) and string orchestra op. 40 by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. Co-creator and performer in many multimedia projects, among others the MM Group combining improvised contemporary music with pantomime and visual art. Author of many instrumental and vocal compositions dedicated to youngest listeners.

Adimission: 25 PLN

Co-finansed by City of Warsaw