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Possibilities that Disappear Before a Landscape



21-22.09 godz.19:00

"Everything interesting takes place in the dark; there is no doubt about it. We know nothing of the true story of the men" L.F. Céline
In his last artistic period, Jed Martin dedicated his time to create a series of videos where shows by fast forward how Nature freely devours products of the human intervention and makes them disappear under his green and quiet veil; until drown the map under the territory. 
In Shoah as well, repeated scenes portray the infinite stillness of bucolic landscapes; woods and fields which, few years before were the scene of massive torture and killings: mass graves of a human genocide hidden in a natural and peaceful state. A reality hidden under another reality. Thus, the sequence of layers are able to hide but not to erase, those over which they are built. people hushed up, cities silent, countries that forget.

Direction, dramaturgy Tanya Beyeler, Pablo Gisbert
Text Pablo Gisbert
Dramaturgical advisement Roberto Fratini
Lighting design Octavio Más 
Scenography, props, costums Jorge Salcedo, Oriol Pont
Sound design Adolfo Fernández García
Music Rebecca Praga
Stage manager Isaac Torres
Choreography Amaranta Velarde
Production El Conde de Torrefiel
Co-production Teatro Pradillo-El lugar sin límites, Graner Espai de Creació, Festival TNT Terrassa

Cast Albert Pérez, Nicolás Carbajal, Nicolas Chevallier, David Mallols  

Duration: 80 min
Tickets: 50/30/20 PLN