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Vortex Temporum

Grisey / Lutosławski<<


30.10 godz.19:00

Vortex temporum (1994-96) by Gérard Grisey is one of the musical classics of recent decades. The composition employs the pitches of the natural harmonic series, with the transformations of themes and rhythms that may evoke associations with repetitive music. The French composer focused on various ways of experiencing time, and spoke of the „time of birds, humans and whales”. These distinctions are reflected in the three parts of the songs, where sound events be maximally condensed, then proceed according to the ‚normal’ (or ‚human’) sense of time, and then occur in a somewhat microscopic magnification, allowing the observation of details (especially slowly evolving consonances), that are usually inaccessible to our perception.


Witold Lutosławski music for the play of A. de Musset. On ne badine pas avec l’amour for flute
Gérard Grisey Vortex temporum

PERFORMERS Chain Ensemble
CODUCTOR Andrzej Bauer

ORGANISER Towarzystwo im. Witolda Lutosławskiego

Co-financed by Warszawa.