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19-20.10 godz.20:00

A theatrical, plastic and choreographic study where melancholic characters search for a pure and radical love. Their struggle is for vitality and desire, against the world and life.
Once, there was a society. Its upper class would accumulate money, power and culture which became their only strength and space, the glorious image of success and exaltation that could only be shared ungenerously, if at all. And, even though the people “from up there” lived in a place as euphoric and self-satisfying, it would seem that their world has come to an end. They had no prospects or aims beyond celebrating their own greatness and omnipotence. They privatized the whole of European culture and locked it away. Ennui has overpowered joy. The only alternative left for those living on high who want to preserve something vital, something alive, is auto-destruction. And so, to destroy the family and desire and to confront the rage, they will deliver themselves to those living below. When there is no joy, only destruction is capable of reviving life.

„Carve is a middle finger to seemliness, a high for the senses, an apex of nonsense. It is also the very opposite. In substance, what carries it - and carries us away - is its longing to embrace the world, and to have a go at the strongest desire of all: to live.”
Brigitte Salino „Le Monde”

VINCENT MACAIGNE Born in 1978, Vincent Macaigne joins the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris in 1999. He directed Friche 22.66, his first play, in 2004, then Requiem 3, an initial version of The Idiot, and Hamlet, At Least I Will Have Left a Beautiful Corpse: four generous and vociferous hours at the Festival d’Avignon in 2011. He also put on plays abroad, in Chile and Brazil, among other countries. In his cinema work, he belongs to the younger generation now emerging on the scene. As a director, he won several prizes for his first medium-length film and adapted Dom Juan with the troupe from the Comédie Française. His second film, Pour le réconfort, is selected for the ACID at Festival de Cannes 2017. As an actor, he has notably appeared in Thunder by Guillaume Brac, Age of Panic by Justine Triet, The Rendez-vous of Deja vu by Antonin Peretjatko, the Fool Circle by Vincent Mariette and Two friends by Louis Garrel. At Vidy Theater, he created Idiot! Because We Should Have Loved Each Other, based on Dostoyevsky’s novel in 2016, En manque in 2016, and will create his new pieces Je suis un pays and Voilà ce que jamais je ne vous dirai in September 2017.

Text, direction and scenography Vincent Macaigne
Collaboration scenography Julien Peissel
Light design Jean Huleu
Props Lucie Basclet
Sound Jonathan Cesaroni
Voice Mathieu Jaccard
Cast Thibaut Evrard, Liza Lapert, Clara Lama-Schmit, Sofia Teillet and the extras as well as the kids
Production Théâtre de Vidy
Coproduction Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, La Villette - Paris, Tandem Scène nationale,
Holland Festival
With support of Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, Institut Français

20th October 21.00 Meet the artists.
In french, subtitled in polish 

Tickets: 50/35/25 PLN


Financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage:


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