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The Indians


Paint your pale faces and become – if only for a moment – a single tribe during this joint performance by Nowy Teatr and Teatr 21! We’ll recall lost Indian tales that speak of courage, respect for nature and the heroic deeds of men and animals. We’ll meet a remarkable coyote that dances with the stars and a girl from the Wolf Tribe whose village has fallen under a terrible curse! Cowboys are coming? Fear not. We’ll invite them into our tipi to create a shared story drawing on ancient Indian wisdom.

Director: Justyna Sobczyk
Dramaturgy: Justyna Lipko-Konieczna
Script: Justyna Lipko-Konieczna, Justyna Sobczyk
Costumes: Wisła Nicieja
Set and lighting design: Justyna Łagowska
Movement: Justyna Wielgus
Music: Paweł Andryszczyk
Video: Tomasz Michalczewski

Cast: Grzegorz Brandt, Anna Drózd, Teresa Foks, Daniel Krajewski, Maja Kowalczyk, Barbara Lityńska, Anna Łuczak, Aleksander Orliński, Michał Pęszyński, Emilia Rajca, Piotr Sakowski, Cecylia Sobolewska, Marta Stańczyk, Piotr Swend, Aleksandra Skotarek, Magda Świątkowska.

Production: Nowy Teatr, Teatr 21

Financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage: