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Play based on the Elementarz by Marian Falski


Play based on the Elementarz by Marian Falski.

Since 1910, Elementarz by Marian Falski has been the first reader for millions of children learning to write in Polish. It belongs firmly in the canon of Polish literature as one of the few works known by almost all Polish-speakers in Poland and abroad. At the same time, as a textbook, it constitutes an invisible but crucial component of our culture.

The play introduces the youngest viewers to the fascinating world of speech and writing, familiarizing them with letters and words which serve as signposts. Children accompany the protagonists on a road leading out of the room with Ala and her dog, through the woods and the dark night to a huge city, and eventually into space. Any child, if we just let them dream, can become an astronaut and fly to the stars.

Artists always search for new ways of communicating with the youngest of our viewers. Just like children who learn the first elements of writing, we embark on a journey into the unknown, where every word can become the beginning of a new universe.

The show is intended for audiences aged 1 to 5, but the young at heart are also welcome.

Director: Michał Zadara
Stage design: Robert Rumas
Music: Jan Duszyński
Dramaturgy: Anna Czerniawska
Lights: Artur Sienicki
Costumes: Arek Ślesiński
Technician: Paweł Paciorek
Production: Maria Wilska
Cast: Arkadiusz Brykalski / Sean Palmer, Joanna Drozda, Mateusz Łasowski, Barbara Wysocka and children (if they feel like doing so).
Duration: 30 minutes
Premiere: September 18, 2014
Due to the nature of the show, we kindly ask our audience to take off their shoes before entering the auditorium.
Photos: Krzysztof Bieliński, Piotr Polak
Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage:


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